The Real Tale of Online Poker

The belief that online poker opened up the concept of casino gambling on the Internet is one of the false beliefs about the developing of the presently popular virtual fun. During the pre-boom period of the Internet the cyber community was principally compiled of people obsessed with Star Trek or that had a poor sex life. Nevertheless, after some time somebody recognized that poker can be played on this medium. So an industry was conceptualised.Another doubtful false belief that has been a source of laughter is Al Gore’s claim that he invented the Internet. So it is clean that the previous presidential candidate was not merely responsible for the Internet but also online gambling and poker. Based on that info the beginnings of online gambling go a trifle clearer.The history of online casinos can be followed to Antigua, Bermuda in 1994 when the local government signed the region’s free trade and Processing Zone Act. The ruling paved the path for the establishment of many online gaming casinos and sports books that were free to run as a legal business. Antigua Bermuda to this day rests as the most popular licensing jurisdiction for online gambling markets. It was during this period that Microgaming was established.Microgaming is known as the largest software developer in the online gaming world or what is Microsoft to the information technology market. Other applications came after the first software produced for online gaming. Brothers Andrew and Mark Rivkin founded Cryptologic in 1995.The primary destination of the brothers was to make a communications protocol that would guarantee that transactions are got surely and safely. Microgaming stript its casino business to concentrate on modernising online casino technologies in 1996. During the same year, Boss Specialtidningar AB planned a network that would host gambling operations online.Another false belief is that a major US bank developed the first ECash and gaming software on the Internet. This distinction goes to Cryptologic, which evolved its first gaming programm in the same year. InterCasino purportedly was the first online gaming casino that took a real bet on the Internet. Nevertheless, it was in 1998 that the first ever online poker room was made. Planet Poker was the only online poker firm for around a year and goes on to operate today but is dwarfed by its larger counterparts in the market.Paradise Poker got in in 1999 and was the top firm in the online casino industry for a couple of years. In the same year, the infamous Poker Spot came. Poker Spot became controversial when it failed to recoup the winnings of its consumers, because of bugs in the betting system built up by its affiliate credit card venture.The Ecash system has been an built in part of the growth of online casino gambling, as it bolstered the reliability and security of tourneys and consumers turned less concerned about suffering their money to fraud. Party Poker and Poker Stars got into the industry in 2001.Paradise’s stranglehold of the online casino market terminated in 2003 when it was overtook by Party Poker. Party Poker’s growth was fueled by its efficient advertisings in television during the World Series of Poker and its launch of the Party Poker Million. Still, belief that Party Poker Million took the industry to new levels is a false belief, as the Cinderella story of Chris Moneymaker is what placed the sport on the map.Mr. Moneymaker won a satellite tourney of Poker Stars to qualify for the WSOP. Despite being entered by 839 other poker experts, Mr. Moneymaker beat all odds and won the tourney’s top award of $2.5 million despite it being only his first try at a live tourney.The so called “Moneymaker effect” substantially increased the popularity of online poker in 2004 and also exalted more people to gamble in virtual tables. A study conducted in 2001 detected that 8 million people had joined online gambling casinos and by the following year, the industry produced its first ever million dollar winner. The lucky person bagged $1,594.649.

Game Tester Jobs in Video Game Industry – Basic Requirements

Many gamers are looking for jobs in video game industry. Unfortunately though, most video game jobs require some form of education, be it from a technical school or from college. This is a serious barrier for hardcore gamers, many of whom just want to play video games and get paid for it. Luckily, there is an option available to such gamers; one that requires little to no training. What is it? Professional video game testing.Unlike with game designing or game programming, one does not need a degree or college education to succeed in game testing. All a person needs to obtain testing jobs in video game industry is the ability to play video games and the ability to spot game glitches (high attention to detail). If the gamer has both those traits, he/she is ready to be a game tester right now.Two Types of TestersMost people don’t know this, but there are two types of video game testers; the at-home tester and the “testing center” game tester. The at-home tester, as you can no doubt guess, works primary from home; while the “testing center” game tester works in a public building with others.How do the two differ? Well, for one, the at-home tester doesn’t have to leave his house to go to work. The second difference is the at-home video game tester won’t be working with a team. Aside from those two differences, there really isn’t much else. Both types will need to create bug reports on the games they are testing, both will receive free video games, both will get insider information on new games, and both will get paid excellent salaries for their work.Getting Testing Jobs In Video Game IndustryYou won’t get any video game tester jobs sitting on your hind-end waiting for game companies to come to you; it’s not that easy. Instead, you have to get yourself out there and actively search for new positions that are opening up.Gaming companies are constantly launching new games, which means they are CONSTANTLY looking for new game testers to test those games. This is where you come in. Get in contact with these companies & developers and tell them what you have to offer. Brag about your experience and how long you’ve been gaming. The more experience you have with video games, the more they will be impressed and the more likely they will be to hire you.If you’re up for it, tell game developers that you’ll test the first few games free of charge. Free game testing may not come with pay, but it is an excellent way to build up your references and your list of contacts.

7 Poker Tips to Help You Win Money at the Table

Poker is a very popular game that is played by many people around the world. The reason why poker is so addictive and popular is because you can actually win money with it.In this article, let me share with you some poker tips that can improve your game. By following these tips, you will become a better player and therefore win more money at the table.1. Pay attention to what is happening on the table. A good poker player will always pay attention to the cards on the table. You need to be aware of the situation so that you can come up with effective strategies to counter your opponents.2. Do not play too many hands. Play fewer hands and do not be tempted by any face card. Although sometimes a face card may look tempting, it does not worth the effort at all.3. When you are in a bad mood, do not play. Remember that you should always play poker when you are in a good mood. When you play poker in a bad mood, you will let your emotion takes control, not your head. You will make bad decisions that you normally won’t make and end up losing money.4. When you are drunk, do not play. Even if you are not fully drunk, you should not play. Because alcohol will cause you to make bad decision.5. Do not stay in a hand simply because you have put money into it. If you know you have a bad hand, let it be beaten. Do not think that just because you have already committed money to the pot, you should try your luck. The money that you put into a pot is no longer yours unless you win it. Therefore, if you know you have a bad hand, do not put more money into the losing pot.6. Only play with money that you can afford to lose. Before you start playing at a table, you should determine your money limit. Do not be afraid to walk away if it is a bad day for you.7. Bluff at the right moment. Do not bluff just for the sake of bluffing. If you bluff at the wrong times, you can end up losing money. So analyse the game and determine the time to bluff. Although bluffing is an exciting poker technique, it is not necessarily that you must always use it in order to win money. There are times that you can win money without bluffing.Hope that you will bear these poker tips in mind and become a better player.